MEINAIER Blackhead Remover Mask Black Purifying Peel Off Charcoal Mask Deep Cleansing Pores Mask Facial & Nose Acne Treatment

By | December 26, 2017
MEINAIER Blackhead Remover Mask Black Purifying Peel Off Charcoal Mask Deep Cleansing Pores Mask Facial & Nose Acne Treatment

MEINAIER Blackhead remover mask has a powerful penetration of cleaning the pores,which can effectively remove blackheads,acne and cosmetic residue in your pores.This facial mask can improve your rough or dry skin,make your skin look more clean an brighter. Tightening and unclogging your pores,so that it can help to remove dead cells and get that youthful face back. HOW TO USE — 1.Wash your face and use hot towels or hot steam to open your pores. 2.Dry skin can be properly rubbed with lotion or face cream to keep the face moist. 3.Apply evenly to the entire face or specific area which you want.(It is recommended to be divided into different problem areas to avoid the pain of full-face tearing.) 4.Wait 20 to 30 minutes until the mask is dry. 5.Slowly peel the mask from the bottom and wash the face with mild water. 6.Follow by your daily skincare regime. Can be coated with some repair lotion, can be better purification effect. NOTICE — 1.Before using,you need to take a small amount of the product on your hands or behind your ears. After 15 minutes, no adverse reactions can be used. 2.Be patience to use the mask for a period of time,you can see the effect. 3.Discontinue use if discomfort occurs.

  • ANTI BLACKHEAD & UNCLOG PORES — Liquid carbon,in the form of fine particles deep into your pore, adsorption pores of makeup residues, toxins, more effective removal of the face blackhead, grease and acne, unclog and shrink your pores , remove dead skin from your face.
  • ENHANCE SKIN ELASTICITY & TIGHTEN SKIN — Contain volcanic mud and charcoal powder,can powerful penetrate into your skin,deep cleansing the pore,reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin, rejuvenate the cells,keep your skin healthier and more beautiful.
  • MOISTURIZING & SMOOTHEN ROUGH SKIN — Adding aloe and glycerin ingredient, Moisturizing and repairing the rough or dry skin,Make your skin feel fresh, soft and smooth. Transport the nutriments into the cell.
  • PURIFYING & WHITENING CARE — This black mask has whitening ingredients,it can prevent melanin precipitation,keep you skin bright and whitening.Strong adsorption ability that can rapidly penetrate into the bottom of skin,purifying skin pores,make the skin more clean.
  • USER-FRIENDLY — It is comfortable to do a facial spa at home,relaxing to apply evenly on the face or local skin,waiting for the mask dry can peel off.Achieve a younger, healthier and more beautiful skin.